Some members of the Pocket-lint team get to test electric cars in Portugal. Some get to play with the new MacBook Air. Some even get to play Fable III all day for the sake of a "review". And then, some get to go to an office in London to fiddle with a monkey.

Er, what we mean is, we have had a go on what we firmly believe will be the top toy this Christmas. Not for kids, you understand, that's likely to be something from the Dream Toys 2010 Top Dozen, but for adults. Or kidults, if you like.

Dave the Funky Monkey is a remote controlled capuchin friend that can either sit on a desktop or your shoulder, via an included strap, and perform multiple amusing actions.

There are 33 of them in all, including farting, burping, "Who are ya?" chants during football matches, and many many more. All of them, though, are cute rather than rude, so could entertain your kids for hours, too.

Certainly, they had us at Pocket-lint entertained. You can't help falling a little bit in love with the cheeky wee fella. And for £24.99, from stores such as Toys R Us, Hamleys and Debenhams, you can't really go wrong.

That is, unless he's sold out by then: "We’ve sold out of every Dave we can make and while that means there will be 200,000 on the way by sea freight over the next 8 weeks," said Richard North, Wow! Stuff's managing director, "the two factories can only produce a further 250,000 between now and Christmas, which should service 70% of demand. We are trying everything to get a 3rd factory up and running".

Get your order in now though, and you should be fine. You'll be monkeying about well before the holiday season.

And, should you get bored by then, you can always spend hours in your bedroom spanking** him.

** Please note that Pocket-lint does not condone violence towards animals, robotic or otherwise. Instead, we are merely using the word "spanking" in a barely disguised innuendo-based joke about onanism. And now that we've had to explain that we feel stupid and juvenile. Sorry.

You can find out more about Dave on his dedicated website,

Do you have a secret passion for a certain toy, even though you're technically an adult? Let us know what it is in the comments below...