Crank up the bizarre level to 11, you're not likely to see a weirder gadget than this gracing the pages of Pocket-lint for a while.

Remote controlled football boots. Yep, you read that correctly.

Available in either Nani-esque red or Ronaldo blue and orange, these boots are driven by an electric motor, and navigate via 4 wheels situated where you'd usually find studs.

The boots transmit at different frequencies (27 or 40 MHz), so you can have a bit of a match with your buddies.

Priced at £24.95 each, the makers say:

"Chase after the ball with the remote control in your hand. Skilfully outmanoeuvre your opponents. Amaze them with trick back-heel shots. Make a lateral sprint over the pitch, shoot and - score! It’s great fun and a real test of any player’s reaction speed and skills".

We say - how on earth have these ever made it into production?

We can just imagine the makers going on Dragon's Den. Peter Jones would grin and say, "Sorry, I'm giving you the boot. I'm out!"