Remember Bigtrak? Remember how back in February we told you it was coming to a toy store near you in time for Christmas? Of course you do. Well the good news is that while we wait for the new and improved jr version to arrive, Firebox is selling the original version.

What was once the coolest Christmas present of 1979 is back, albeit slightly smaller.

The 6-wheeled retro monster Bigtrak with front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp (used for firing) is an exact replica of Milton Bradley’s 1979 educational tank.

Original features still available include the 16 command memory which triggers Bigtrak to remember such instructions as Forward, Backward, Left turn and of course Right turn, as well as Fire and Hold.

If you spoil your programming, the faithful CM (Clear Memory), CE (Clear last step) and TEST (Run short test of program) buttons are still around to assist you.

Confusing as it may sound, this is the original and not the Bigtrak Jr we first saw at the beginning of the year, that's not due until September.

Yours for £40