Not particularly made from the best materials, and more than a little on the illegal/unlicensed side, the Super Robot Transformable Thomas found on sale in Singapore is still one of the greatest toy mash-ups Pocket-lint's ever seen. Ever.

According to blog, the Transformable Thomas splits into three trains - Thomas, Percy and James - which can also be interlinked to form longer railstock. However, while the former two have the correct names, James has been called "Daisy" by the, ahem, manufacturer. And each of them have the wrong coloured headband.

Mind you, that's not the only way of telling them apart from licensed toys. The fact that they turn into a frickin' giant killer robot is another. It's also a good reason to seek these out if you can - they may not stay on sale for very long.

Now all that we need is a He-Man that turns into a Big Yellow Teapot, or a My Little Pony that turns into a Stretch Armstrong and we'll be as happy as Larry.

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