(Pocket-lint) - If you are reading this article we can bet you three things. The first is that you like Lego, the second is that you like Star Wars, and third that you are about to lose 15 minutes of your life.

So what better way to celebrate your love for your two favourite childhood memories than to watch a series of videos we've found on YouTube that lets you enjoy both; Lego and Star Wars.

For our next Jedi mind trick, we suggest you watch all of the videos below. These are the videos you wanted to watch, you must stay and watch them all...

The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told

We know you don't have time to watch three movies, clocking in at over 6 hours of time in front of the TV, just so you can remember your favourite bits of the original trilogy. But it's okay, in steps this Lego Star Wars remake that is 2 minutes 13 seconds long to save you the bother. Told as if a 12-year-old was telling you a story, it's pretty impressive how it ticks all the key story points, without actually having to bore you with quotes from the films.

R2 vs R4

This is how robots do battle in the world of stop motion Lego Star Wars re-enactments. 4 seconds and it's all over. No really.

Lego - The Force Unleashed 

"I knew I shouldn't have come to work today", comments one of the stormtroopers in this video, before meeting his maker 2 seconds later. This is the darker side of Lego Star Wars, but with cracking sound effects and some amazing camera shots, this is well worth the 2.5 minutes it will take to watch. This Jedi is clearly from the dark side.

Eddie Izzard- Death Star Canteen

One of the funniest Lego Star Wars scenes that isn't from the movie, with Eddie Izzard doing his skit live on stage and then someone re-inacting it with Lego for this video. "Do you have a tray?" We dare you not to be laughing your head off by the end.

Lego Star Wars - Vader's Personal Day

It must get boring being the evil baddie in any movie. Here Lord Vader decides to take a "personal day", instead of taking on the rebel alliance, because his back hurts.

Lego Star Wars VS Lego Star Trek

For some reason, on the web, you can only be a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan. So what happens when you add both of those things and Lego in one stop motion video on YouTube. Star Wars vs Star Trek of course. Can the X-Wing fighter stand up against the Enterprise? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Lego Star Wars - The New Guy

With so many stormtroopers in the Empire you've got to start somewhere haven't you? But what happens when you're the "new guy" on your first day on the job, and what about when the Death Star comes under attack? The New Guy tries to answer all the above.

Lego Star Wars - Stormtrooper's Coffee Break

Stormtroopers have to take a break at some point, especially if it's a Monday. Think clerks and every other Saturday shop assistant that you've ever come across.

Lego Star Wars Christmas Special

Star Wars the Christmas Special sees Santa Claus visiting the Death Star to tell Lord Vader that he is on the naughty list. As you can imagine Vader isn't too impressed by St Nicholas' reaction and chaos ensues. 

Lego Star Wars - Killing Darth Vader

Enough of Vader already, and his bullying. That's the thought of these two stormtroopers. But how do you deal with the darkest Jedi this side of the Dagobah system? Bump him off.

The Final Showdown

Obi-wan vs Anakin from the final battle in Episode III. At 2:19, the battle is intense, who will win, will it follow the same storyline as the film, or will something be different? Watch the video to find out.

Star Wars In 30

The first video we showed you did the three original movies in 2:13, but this one ups the ante and blasts you with all three in just 31 seconds. Can you take it all in? Be prepared to watch the fastest re-enactment of the trilogy you've probably ever seen. 


Have you got a favourite Lego Star Wars video that you love? Let us know in the comments below and we'll do our best to add them to the list for all to enjoy.

Writing by Stuart Miles.