One of the most popular toys of a generation, the Etch A Sketch has now reached its 50th anniversary and we here at Pocket-lint thought it only right and proper to mark such an auspicious occasion with a load of Etch A Sketch vids, mods and art.

Along with all the masterpieces - made all the more impressive as we remember how terrible we all were at producing anything even remotely artistic on the retro gadget - we have some Etch A Sketches which have been modded as well as the biggest ever Etch A Sketch that ever existed.

So whether at home or the office take a look through our Etch A Sketch bonanza and reminisce over the days when you used to twiddle with knobs.

If these smashing pics aren't enough then you might well get a kick out of these two videos that we've included. One's a demo of the world's biggest Etch A Sketch, whilst the other is a snazzy mod giving the toy all the functionality of a clock (well maybe not all).

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