We've already found out about Paper Jamz, a range of cardboard electronic guitars that are likely to be one of the top gadget toys come Christmas, but now WowWee, the company behind them, is ready to unleash the fury of Paper Jamz Drums and a range of Amps to share the noise as well.

For those that need a quick refresher, Paper Jamz Guitars (£25) are a range of cardboard guitars that have no strings, but still let you play three tracks a piece as if they were a real guitar. Thanks to sensors behind the paper covers, you can finger and strum your way to a decent tune on three difficult levels by choosing to turn off certain help features.

We grabbed a demo off someone that could play (we can't play for toffee) and it looks like great fun.

All in all, it's designed for kids big and small, and means that you can pretend to be the rock god you should have been and basically have a fun time whilst pretending.

But a guitar, a band doesn't make, and so now WowWee has launched Paper Jamz Drums (£25), a five piece drum kit that lets you either hook up with the guitar of the same design for a band performance, or merely go it alone freestyle.

Combine that with a Paper Jamz Amp (£15) that looks like your good old-fashioned Marshalls amp, including volume knobs that go up to 11 (yes really), and you're ready to do some busking on the cheap with gear that is light enough to carry when running from the fuzz.

Bring on the noise.