The WowWee Alive Perfect Puppy from robot creators that brought us the Robosapien, is just as you would imagine a perfect puppy to be; all love and little else.

Due out later in the year costing £100, the black and white or beige pooches will promise to give you plenty of cuddles, thanks to its soft plush body, but won't eat your slippers or leave a poo on your rug for you to step in come morning time (dog owners we know you've been there).

But fret not gadget lovers, this isn't just a cute and cuddly doggy called Bella or Buddy. On the tech side it has a touch sensitive skin that can tell the difference between a tickle, pat, stroke or a hug and it will respond differently to loud and soft voice commands thanks to a mic hidden in its nose.

If that wasn't enough to make you question whether you've just walked into a scene from "Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep", then the head, ears, eyes, mouth and tail are all independently animated and the puppies make 18 life-like sounds as they sniff, bark, whimper and grumble to your commands.

Expect your kids to beg you over and over until you cave in and buy them one.