Remember when we told you that Bigtrak, the 80s computer-controlled six-wheeled toy, was on its way back? Well, the half-sized newly minted version, Bigtrak Jnr, is going to hit on 2 August 2010 and to celebrate, the online retailer, along with its manufacturer Dubreq, launched one into Space. Almost.

Why? We're not quite sure, although the pics of it in its "simulated lunar landing" look so cool we don't much care.

For the record, the team took the Bigtrak Jnr to the Lucerne desert in California, USA, blasted it into the sky on a custom-made rocket, and it drifted down to earth by parachute - proving that it's made of sturdy stuff.

And if that's not enough to convince you to get hold of one on launch (pun assuredly intended), this 1980 UK advert surely will:

"Well done Bigtrak!" Hilarious.

And the new one's cheaper. Let's hope they release a transport too, but we suspect that the labrador's not included.

Let us know which toy from your childhood you'd like to see return?