The symptoms are clear - HTC Hero clutched in your hand, dismissal of the iPhone as "for mums", Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar open in three Chrome tabs. It's time to admit it - you're an Android fanboy. Or fangirl. Fanperson doesn't have the same ring to it.

So we bet you'll be wanting to get your hands on these immediately - they're vinyl collectible Android figurines. Sure, they're not quite as awesome as having a whopping great big green robot on your lawn, but they're as close as the rest of us mortals will get.

They're created by Dyzplastic and designed by artist Andrew Bell. Series one has twelve different designs in blind-boxed cases of 16. There's a few super-rare editions scattered in those cases too. Standing 3 inches tall, they're perfect for sitting under your monitor.

The official site says later this month, but rumour has it that they'll show up on 10 February, likely shipping from the States.