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(Pocket-lint) - Bigtrak, the lunar vehicle, is to make a comeback in 2010 thanks to the company that has previously brought us the Stylophone.

The new version, which will be dubbed the Bigtrak Jr, will be half the size of the original model you probably used to play as a child and once again allow you to spend hours programming in routes for it to follow out.

Bringing it back up to the 21st Century, the new model, unfortunately won't be able to be controlled by your mobile phone or a Wi-Fi connection, but will be able to finally store up to 32 preset programmes, something that wasn't possible on the original.

But rather than just a trailer that you can transport an apple in, the new moon vehicle will have two optional accessories - a digital camera and rocket launcher.

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"We wanted to bring back some of the fun", the MD of the company behind the new launch told Pocket-lint. "This is just the starting point with the hope that if it's successful we will be bringing more accessories and versions out in the future."

The camera will allow you to take still shots that can then be uploaded into a computer. It will be available in the summer. The rocket launcher unfortunately won't be available until 2011. Both accessories will cost under £15.

Expect to be able to bore your kids silly for £29.99 when it comes out in the summer.

Writing by Stuart Miles.