Arguably the ultimate collectible for Twitter addicts, Iconfactory, the company behind Twitterrific, has launched Ollie to the world.

"We're pleased to announce that our vinyl collectible figure of Ollie, the Twitterrific mascot, is now shipping worldwide", says the firm.  

"Ollie is an adorable little bluebird that loves to chat about what's going on", reads the description in the online shop.

Ollie is available in two permutations - a vinyl figure (with a "soft yet sturdy" feel) and as a flocked vinyl figure (with a "soft velvet" feel).

Both versions measure approximately 10cm, or 4 inches tall, and cost comes in at $19.95 and $26.95 for the velvety version. Stocks are said to be limited, so if you want one, then you know what to do...