The top five most-searched for products in the run up to Christmas are familiar faces, suggesting more of the same under Christmas trees across the country this year. The Apple iPhone, available on Orange as well as O2 this festive period, tops the list while the iPod touch takes second place, reveals Hitwise.

In third, fourth and fifth is the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3, making a third year in a row the Wii has seen strong Christmas demand.

Nintendo enjoys another entry further down the list with its DS Lite handheld console nabbing spot number seven (Sony's new high-priced PSP Go does not make an appearance) while Apple's third slot goes to the nano at nine.

Straight hair is obviously still in vogue as ghd straighteners feature at eight, while the only real surprise on the list is the Mr Squiggle Go Go Hamster that recently made headlines for posing a risk to kids due to high levels of antimony (a chemical likened to arsenic) on its nose and hair, a substance which "may be linked to cancer, lung and heart problems".

The manufacturer of the £10 robotic hamster insists the toy is "absolutely safe", with the research body that made the claim now admitting confusion over its test, which assures us Britain's parents aren't trying to kill off their kids after all - and that all publicity is good publicity.