If you can't decide on a shape or structure for your upper lip decoration and your online search has delivered imagery of the resplendent Selleck or snaps of pretty boys Pitt and Depp, you've mused over the Einstein brush and chuckled at Chaplin's nearly not-there tash and you want to avoid politicising your Movember hair affair by going down the Guevara or Stalin routes, don't be disheartened.

Inspiration is at hand from an unlikely source, a collection of famous names and faces and some not such household names, yet they all sport a surprising number of unique styles that'll lift your spirits and ready you for your first "shaping" day.

Mr Potato head and the Monopoly Man are the two most memorable for most with proudly displayed "mo's", anyone remember the names of the five Guess Who geezers sporting terrific top lip decorations from the original 80's flip down game?

It's Charles, Alfred, Richard, Alex and Max, a fact, which will get you many points in a pub quiz some day.

If these aren't to your liking then there are a host of other characters on which to mould your growth, Mario and Wario in their vinyl figure form, a vast collection of random plastic cowboys from playsets of yesteryear, moustache design studios that utilise iron filings as the hair so you can try out different shapes without recourse, even screaming tots have been treated to their very own Mr Pontipine who sports a "Daliesque" number in the pre-school show In the Night Garden.

Even Lego dudes wear the "Mo" with style sometimes. Of course, by now, you'll be shouting the omissions from this brief list at your screen, so let us know what they are in the comments below.

Peter Jenkinson is the editor of Toyology.co.uk a website dedicated to toys.

Movember is about having fun, growing a moustache and raising much needed funds and awareness for men's health - specifically prostate cancer. What many people don't appreciate is that one man dies every hour of prostate cancer in the UK, more than 35,000 men will be diagnosed this year and that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK.

The more that join us, the more we can "change the face of men's health" through raising awareness and the money that will be raised.

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