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(Pocket-lint) - Lego Hidden Side is a range of Lego sets that, as the name suggests, features a hidden element to them. No, it's not a minifig hidden in a cupboard, but virtual ghosts and ghouls that are only revealed when seen through your smartphone.

That's right, Lego has embraced the world of augmented reality and created a number of sets that come to life as long as you've got the right technology.

The accompanying app offers a series of puzzles, the chance to see a virtual world and, when you can take the set with you, the opportunity to carry on playing on the go. There are two game modes including "Play as a Hunter" mode, where the aim is to catch ghosts in competition against other players either online or in the same room, and a "Play as a Ghost" mode (coming 2020) where kids can join two other online ghost players with the aim of haunting LEGO Hidden Side sets and hiding from a player-controlled ghost hunter.

Here we explore Lego's Hidden Side range, what's available, and show the best prices to buy it. 

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 6

70418 J.B.'s Ghost Lab


All good ghostbusting stories have to have a lab in which your eminent professor can work from and this is the starting point for the Hidden Side universe. Called J.B's Ghost Lab, it's an entry-level set that features a couple of minifigs, a "de-haunting" chamber and token pizza to munch on why you work out what to do next.

LegoLego Hidden Side Range Explored image 14

Jack's Beach Buggy

This simple to build buggy features springs to give the vehicle extra bounce, a mutant two headed haunted minifig, and a petrol pump to fill up with gas. 

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 8

70419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat


Set in the fictional town of Newbury, this set features a shrimp boat, canoe, and ghost crocodile. The shrimp boat splits in two and you get the two main characters of Hidden Side; Parker and Jack. In the augmented reality world, the boat floats on a lake.

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 5

70420 Graveyard Mystery


This spooky set features a haunted tree and grave that opens up to reveal a skeleton. Interacting with the graveyard statues reveals new missions in the app and with moveable arms, the tree can come to life too.

LegoLego Hidden Side Range Explored image 13

Welcome to the Hidden Side

Haunted trees feature heavily in the Hidden Side, and this set allows you to create the gateway to Hidden Side with creepy siders to boot. 

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 3

70421 El Fuego's Stunt Truck


If graveyards and shrimp boat wrecks are too reminiscent of 1980 horror movies on the Maine coast, then you could opt for a more "petrol fuelled" experience with the Stunt Truck. You actually get two vehicles in this set. A three-wheeled motorcycle is the vehicle for a ghost, while the good guys can jump in the souped-up pickup truck complete with working canon.

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 4

70422 Shrimp Shack Attack


If you've got a shrimp boat, you need a shrimp shack to sell the catch. This set, which sits in the middle of the Hidden Side range, features a diner for you to play out the ghost-catching games found in the accompanying AR app.

LegoLego Hidden Side Range Explored image 12

El Fuego’s Stunt Plane

In 2019 El Fuego had a stunt truck. In 2020 he gets a Stunt Plane to control. This 295 Lego piece set come with three minifigs, including El Fuego himself and Spencer the ghost dog. 

LegoLego Hidden Side Range Explored image 15

Newbury Subway

Newbury might be set in the countryside, but that hasn't stopped Lego from creating a city subway station for it, yeah we're not sure behind the logic either. Still this Lego set comes complete with a haunted workman minifig. 

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 9

70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000


The most iconic Hidden Side set is the battle-ready school bus that features a slide-out ghost hunting lab and a number of minifigs including possessed road workers and their monster toilet. As with the other sets, there is a boss ghost to find and defeat and when you aren't playing with the AR app you'll enjoy driving your minifigs to school, imaginary or not.

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 2

70424 Ghost Train Express


Hogwarts has a train so why not Newbury High? This American-style express train sees the cab turn from innocent-looking train to a glow in the dark monster train, but it also comes with a portable lab and mini platform waiting room to complete the set. But you will need more Lego train track if you're planning to take a journey anywhere.  

LegoLego Hidden Side range explored image 7

70425 Newbury Haunted High School


The "hero" set of the Hidden Side range, this haunted high school set features 1,474 pieces, seven minifigs and a miniature "ghost" dog. The set changes into a huge possessed school with a flick of a few switches and a pull of a few levers and will entertain both with and without the apps. Look around the back at you'll find the school includes a hidden chamber, bus station out front, computer lab, library, bathroom, chemistry room and bell tower.

LegoLego Hidden Side Range Explored image 10

Haunted Fairground

Another 2020 set, Haunted Fairground takes the premise that no horror story is truly complete without a clown, and that's exactly what this set delivers. It comes with fairground rides, five minifigs including too scary clowns to play with. 

LegoLego Hidden Side Range Explored image 11

Lighthouse of Darkness

New for 2020 and keeping with the seaside theme; why are so many of the 1980s horror movies set in Maine or on the north east coast of America? The Lighthouse of Darkness is a 540 Lego piece set that features a lighthouse keeper, pier, and a skeleton in the closet. There's a jet-ski included, but you just know that this would and the Wrecked Shrimp Boat set would make a perfect match. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.