(Pocket-lint) - Each year Lego unveils stacks of new sets that combine top name franchises, other brands and the best of traditional series such as Lego City and Lego Technic.

There are hundreds of new sets to choose from and, now that Lego appeals to huge numbers of adults as well as kids, the choice is almost endless and it's impossible to collect everything. 

But what do we think are the best Lego sets around? Here's our definitive top 10 at the moment. We've purposely chosen from several different ranges at different price points, too. 

Our pick of the best Lego sets to buy today


Lego 76119 Batmobile


This faithful recreation of the 1989 Batmobile has a whopping 3,300 pieces weighing over 3kg (yes, over three kilos of bricks!). It's an absolute stunner and we've heard from a little bird that Lego sold thousands of them as soon as they went on sale. 


Lego 21034 Architecture London Skyline


Lego's Architecture series isn't cheap, but the sets make great gifts. There's a diverse range of places now available, with New York, Paris, Las Vegas and more all covered. There's also a more detailed London set of Trafalgar Square, too. 


Lego 41167 Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village


Lego is now famed for its tie-in products, especially with Disney who it has worked on with numerous franchises including Cars and, of course, Star Wars. This three-level castle comes with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff mini dolls (a bit like minifigures) and is for ages 5 and up. 


Lego 42096 Technic Porsche 911 RSR


Yes, we are going a bit wild for Technic, but it's hard not to - some of the sets around now are truly fantastic. This Porsche 911 RSR is one of the best Technic cars as it actually looks like the original and is available at comparatively low prices at the moment. 


Lego 60180 City Great Vehicles Monster Truck


OK, we'll admit it - we've got a lot of time for City Lego and it's not all about the nostalgia. This Monster Truck is quite brilliant and any 5-7 year-old would love it. It's so good because the suspension is, basically, a little bit of Technic utilising a couple of elastic bands. As such, the truck is able to mount obstacles just like a real monster truck. 


Lego 60203 City Ski Resort


At the other end of the City scale is this - a stunning alpine resort that'll be a top playset for young skiiers especially. Complete with shop, ski patrol, helicopter, skidoo and 4x4 with snowplough, there's plenty to occupy. There's even an apres-ski bar, too. 


Lego 70423 Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus


Hidden Side is Lego's latest theme; it uses an AR app on your phone to bring the sets to life. While the series is a bit of a hotchpotch in terms of what it offers (and the app is, too), there are some great sets in the range. Our pick is this school bus, which is a pretty solid set in itself - long after the appeal of Hidden Side has waned, this set will be great as part of a Lego City setup. 


Lego 75243 Star Wars Slave I - 20th Anniversary Edition


Another top Star Wars set is this - the Slave l which is part of Lego's 20th anniversary reissue of some key Star Wars sets (it's 20 years since Lego's first Star Wars set which coincided with The Phantom Menace). As well as Boba Fett, Han Solo, Zuckuss and 4-LOM, you also get a bonus 20th anniversary Princess Leia minifigure with display stand.


LEGO 75292 Star Wars The Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport Starship


The Mandalorian has taken the world by storm, and its second season is proving similarly popular. The main character's transport ship is a particularly distinctive spaceship that's made for this great new kit, perfect for a wide range of ages of Star Wars fan. 


Lego 42110 Technic Land Rover Defender


We so want this! Revealed at the same time as Land Rover showed off the real new Defender, the Lego recreation is an extremely detailed model with working steering wheel, forward-folding rear seats, 4-speed sequential gearbox, all-wheel-drive with three differentials, independent suspension and six-cylinder engine.

Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.