Best baby monitors 2021: Top baby cams to buy for audio and video

BT has produced our top choice in its Smart Baby Monitor.

(image credit: BT)

Arlo gets points for its fun design, and has a range of good features.

(image credit: Netgear)

Panning and tilting are great additions to Kodak's monitor, with good picture quality.

(image credit: Kodak)

This is a monitor that offers solid value and good picture quality.

(image credit: Motorola)

More of an old-school monitor, without any app control, this is a great budget option.

(image credit: Hello Baby)

This monitor's speciality is its extremely long-lasting battery, although it lags behind in some other areas.

(image credit: Nuk)

An added sensor mat makes this monitor a little more sophisticated than some others.

(image credit: Angelcare)