The best coding toys 2021: From robots to iPad games, these toys will help teach your kids to code

A brilliantly fun to introduce your kids to coding. 

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A great little toy from the masters of playable robots at Sphero.

(image credit: Sphero)

Their love of Harry Potter offers a quick route to any kid's heart, and this kit takes advantage of that cleverly.

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We love the look of the Code-a-Pillar, which effectively makes itself more of a fun toy than a pure learning tool.

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A great standalone toy that gives a useful window into programming.

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Perfect for little ones, Botley can receive surprisingly lengthy lists of instructions.

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These robots are a great choice for slightly older children who are starting to get really into the area.

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A great, and modular, system that will help your kid learn to do a bunch of different coding combinations.

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