To celebrate a new range of Shell V-Power Lego Ferrari vehicles being available from the fuel brand's petrol stations, photographers Jeff Moore and Andrew Whyte were tasked to make them seem like they were actually driving down famous roads in UK cities and on the race track at Silverstone.

A Lego lane was created using a trestle table and cunning angles to give the illusion that the Lego cars and minifigs were part of the everyday hustle and bustle of the capital and we love the outcome.

We've seen other examples recently, namely the placement of The Lego Movie's Emmet around famous UK landmarks in order to hype the excellent film, and more of the superb photographic skills of Andrew Whyte, who travels with his minifig alter-ego taking shots in apt locations, but Moore and Whyte himself have surpassed themselves, making their subjects look part of regular British life.

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The new Shell V-Power line-up, which includes a Ferrari F138, Ferrari 250 GTO and a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, is available from Shell petrol stations for £1.99 each when bought with £30 or more of Shell V-Power Nitro+. Collectors will just have to drive around a bit more.

Pocket-lint was recently driven around in an F12 Berlinetta by one of Ferrari's F1 test drivers Marc Gené. As crazy as it was, we would probably be just as happy with a tiny Lego version. Broom broom.

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