(Pocket-lint) - With so many laptops available on the market, it takes something special to stand out. The Toshiba Satellite P50 laptop does just that: by cramming a 4K resolution into a 15.6-inch screen. And it looks awesome.

That's a 3840 x 2160 resolution - the very same a 4K TV has to offer, or four times as many pixels as you will find on any Full HD TV - and with Windows 8.1 Pro loaded it can be controlled via its touch-based interface or using the integrated trackpad and keypad.

It's a screen so resolute that any lesser size would make the already tiny icons borderline illegible. But that's besides the point as everything can be re-scaled as required, but it just goes to show how massive this resolution is.


Fortunately it's not just all about the numbers either. The screen has ChromaTune calibration and is Technicolor certified - how about that for the big names? From the time we spent with the P50 the CSV (Clear Super View) glare-resistant LED screen also looked bright from all kinds of angles. We tilted the screen down and when facing almost top-down onto it there was no notable loss of brightness or contrast. Great.

The P50 model we had an early preview of came equipped with an Intel 2.4Ghz Core i7 processor, AMD Radeon Venus Pro M2 graphics with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM, alongside 8GB memory. Needless to say it's fast - we were watching 4K video clips run super-smooth on screen, while an 80-gigapixel image of London was chopped through with pace when zooming via the touchscreen.

For all its great points, Toshiba really ought to focus more on build quality. We don't yet know how much the P50 will cost, and that will obviously be a factor in the build, but the silver-colour brushed metal lid just doesn't have the same weight or style as some premium competitors. The trackpad, too, had a cheap feeling silver bezel around it. The base is also plastic, not entirely aluminium like a Sony Vaio Pro or MacBook Pro for example. Close, Toshiba, but still not quite there on this front.


The backlit keyboard, however, had a good resistance from the plasticky keys that felt just right. The trackpad sits in a natural position underneath, slightly to the left side as there's a full number array to complete the full keyboard.

With USB 3.0 connectivity, Ethernet, and even a Blu-ray optical drive making up part of the physical connectivity there's not much missing to make it the ultimate desktop replacement. It is a bit of a beast, however, so won't suit all due to being too thick and heavy in a world of ever-thinning product designs.

But when it comes to the display we think that Toshiba has got the Satellite P50 just right. It looks great.

Writing by Mike Lowe.