If you thought all computer mice were the same, be prepared to be amazed by the Samsung UM10. At a mere 8mm thick, this is the slimmest optical mouse we've come across.

Notebook users who like to take a mouse with them on the move will appreciate the design, as it's slim, small and when we tested it out, it proved highly responsive.

The metal body feels cool to the touch and there is a range of colours to choose from to suit your notebook. It even comes with a small pouch to protect it when in your carry case.

Being small you can't rest your hand on it or move it with the ball of your hand so it takes a while to grow accustomed to it. It has a USB connection and a retractable lead, which keeps it tidy when stowed away. Instead of mouse buttons it has what Samsung call a Wheel Key, which is great for scrolling through documents and webpages.

Installing like any other mouse, it has the now obligatory blue LED to signify its working. When it comes to standard mouse functions, there is a button in the centre of the wheel for left-clicks and you click the wheel for right-button functions.

The sensor is on the small side, so you won't want to use it for anything too taxing, such as image editing or playing games but for everyday navigation it's more than responsive.


The Samsung UM10 Optical Mouse may seem a little gimmicky at first but once you start to use it, it's a well thought through design that works exceedingly well.