(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has revealed a touchscreen-touting Series 5 Ultrabook at Computex in Taipei, looking to appease those wanting a Windows 8 touch experience as well as a keyboard, and Pocket-lint has already gone fingers on.

The Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible - as with most of its recent notebooks - feels incredibly well built. It’s using a 360-degree hinge mechanism that allows you to use it as a regular notebook, as a tablet, or as sort of a desktop monitor with the keyboard acting as a stand.

It is pretty much identical to Lenovo’s Yoga, except it felt much more robust in terms of the hinge design. It took a bit of force - not excessively so, though - to rotate the screen around, which hopefully is a sign of the longevity of the hinge mechanism.

In notebook mode, the Series 5 Ultra Convertible looks just like any other Ultrabook. Samsung has added a fair few connectivity options as well, with two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, a mini VGA port, a headset jack, a memory card reader and even an Ethernet port. There’s also a screen rotation lock button and a pair of volume controls along its sides.

As far as we know, the Series 5 Ultra Convertible should launch later this year.

Writing by Lars-Göran Nilsson.