As games have become more sophisticated and graphical resolution has increased dramatically, so too has the need for ever more sensitive gaming gear.

For PC gamers, an accurate and sensitive mouse is a must. For pro-gamers it is their lifeblood. And one brand has been synonymous with gaming mice since the beginning: Razer.

Razer has been supplying gaming edition mice controllers for the best part of 17 years, since the first Boomslang in 2008, and now it is ready to unleash the most advanced in its history. And what's more, it's wireless.

The Razer Mamba 2015 edition is quite simply the highest specified gaming mouse on the planet. It is a wireless device with an astonishing 1 ms (millisecond) response time - essentially the same as a wired version. And it sports a world's first 16,000 DPI laser sensor.

This, Pocket-lint was told during a London one-to-one briefing, is essential in the 4K age. While we are awaiting the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti and other consumer graphics cards capable of munching through Ultra HD resolutions, it is good to ensure that our devices are futureproofed enough to be pixel perfect when it matters.


Having a 16,000 DPI sensitivity means that it is more than accurate to keep the controller moving as accurately and smoothly as needed for the new generation of gaming.

In addition, unlike many rivals, the new Mamba is capable of adjusting sensitivity in 1 DPI steps rather than in steps of 50 DPI like rivals. In truth you are unlikely to feel the difference between such tiny fractions, but pro gamers might. It's like the tiny differences made to a driver's setup in Formula One.

Another major feature of the new Mamba is that it has a 0.1mm lift off instead of the 1mm lift off gaming mice have generally offered. That means you can be more precise even if you are a lifter rather than a slider.


The mouse buttons have also been refined for customisation, with the left and right buttons now able to be adjusted for the amount of pressure required thanks to the company's Adjustable Click Force Technology.

There are hex key screws under the mouse that can be loosened or tightened to adjust the pressure from between 45g to 95g (normally 75g to 80g).

This can help with different game setups. Playing as a sniper, you might want to set it to respond to more force so you don't accidentally hit the trigger before needed. But need to fire off streams of shots and you can set it to respond to a very light amount of pressure.


Being wireless, the 2015 Razer Mamba comes with a charging dock and has a battery life of up to 20 hours of continuous gaming. It also sports Razer's Chroma Hue-style LED lighting that can be set to stay on one colour or follow any number of different patterns through the company's Synapse desktop software.

Also through Synapse you can store all your settings for each game in the cloud, so can use the mouse on any machine and pick up where you left off without a lengthy personalisation process needed again.

The Chroma settings can also work with Razer's other compatible hardware, including keyboard, headphones and the mouse mat recently launched. You can sync their colour schemes for your own personal tastes.


Having a quick fiddle with the wireless Mamba at the briefing gave us an indication of just how responsive and sensitive it is. We've also been playing with the new Mamba Tournament Edition, which is the wired version without the Adjustable Click Force Technology.

That's the only thing it's missing in specification terms however, and its speed and smoothness in use is quite simply stunning. We've been using a Logitech G502 Proteus Core in recent times and it must be said, even having just a short time with the Mamba TE, that it blows our former mouse out of the water in terms of accuracy.

We're also a sucker for an LED or two.

The wireless Razer Mamba and wired Razer Mamba Tournament Edition will launch in Q3 of this year priced at £134.99 and £79.99 respectively.