Latest Philips laptop reviews

Philips 220X1SW Brilliance LCD monitor with Lightframe
3.5 stars Philips 220X1SW Brilliance LCD monitor with Lightframe By Chris Hall

Separating Philips from the light fantastic seems to be a challenge these days, with their Ambilight and Aurea models bringing a little variety to your... Read more

Philips SPC1330NC Webcam pro
3.0 stars Philips SPC1330NC Webcam pro By Chris Hall

The Philips SPC1330NC Webcam pro, an incremental update of the SPC1300NC, is striking through its design: the chrome-effect trim gives it a retro look... Read more

Philips 15NB5800 laptop
4.0 stars Philips 15NB5800 laptop By Mike Browne

Philips may be a household name in terms of domestic appliances but it has never been really known for its notebooks. To this end, it doesn’t really... Read more

Philips SPC1300NC Webcam
4.0 stars Philips SPC1300NC Webcam By Mike Browne

It seems no matter what you buy these days that it comes with a webcam built-in and we’re all looking for that next YouTube moment. However, if you really... Read more

Philips X200 laptop
4.0 stars Philips X200 laptop By Mike Browne

The Philips X200 is only available in the UK from PC World, who has dubbed this notebook "The Longneck", which is fitting as it’s the first machine to... Read more

Philips SPC 900NC webcam
3.5 stars Philips SPC 900NC webcam By Stuart Miles

Philips might not seem to be the obvious choice for a webcam manufacturer, however with a huge imaging department care of its TV division you can quickly... Read more