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(Pocket-lint) - MSI always has a soft spot for concepts at CES, and 2011 was no different as it used the show to show off both a tablet designed specifically for kids (the MSI Kid Pad) and an all-in-one PC that turned into a rather large stationary tablet.

We managed to track down the Butterfly to have a quick fumble to see what all the fuss was about and whether it's something worth waiting for.

The key element to the MSI Butterfly is that it features a sliding, ten points of contact, multi-touch screen that allows you finger control over your work when you really can’t be bothered to type.

That means a number of things, mainly that you can select the angle that you type, and that big screen has a number of positions on the way down.

Pocket-lintmsi butterfly concept hands on image 4

So what are you expected to do with this new feature? MSI suggests that you’ll want to play the piano with the Butterfly, coming with “exclusive software that lets you play classical piano or drums using both hands simultaneously”, a spokeswomen told us.

If that wasn’t enough the Butterfly will also come with a removable 7-inch portable tablet that can wirelessly access the base from anywhere in the house, turning it into a media server.

You’ll also get a charming pink and white colour scheme.

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Why the Butterfly? Neither we or our spokeswomen could really make it out, but we are sure it’s something to do with that screen moving. Either that or as the marketing blurb next to the concept read:

“Unfurl your wings with the Butterfly”. Whatever that means.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 16 April 2013.