(Pocket-lint) - Looking more like an alien spaceship than a mouse, the new Microsoft device is a bit more sci-fi looking over your average pointer, but is it brilliant to use or just another gimmick to avoid?

Described as a "revolutionary crescent-moon-shaped mouse" Microsoft say that it's apparently designed to be just as fashionable as it is functional. Offering a foldable design, the compact mouse halves in size when folded making it ideal on the go - it means you get a full size mouse on the desk and a laptop sized one in the bag.

Snapping it shut turns off the power provided by the two AA batteries. Microsoft promises around 6 months of power from one set of batteries, and while we were unable to test this claim, we will keep you posted.

Of course to use it you'll need to flip it open. The mouse connects to your PC or Mac via a 2.4GHz USB dongle. It's not the smallest we've seen, and while Microsoft has made moves to make space to store it within the mouse, via a magnetic dip within the inside arc space we are surprised it didn't just go for the route enjoyed by Logitech - make it small enough to live in your computer all the time.

Beyond power and connectivity the mouse provides four buttons - two regular, one side and a scroll wheel. There is also a battery indicator on the back that is unobtrusive and overall it’s comfortable if not a little narrow in the hand in use.


So what do we think? Well it's certainly stylish - it's got that sci-fi feel to the design and the folding ability means that really isn't that big when you chuck it in the bag. In use it's comfortable to use (the back sports a rubbery coating), responsive and works well.

Is there a catch? Not really, the USB dongle, although small, could have been smaller and the overly clicky mouse wheel might get on your nerves after a while.

At £50 some of cash is clearly going towards that cool design, but if design is important to you this certainly will draw the crowds.

Writing by Stuart Miles.