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(Pocket-lint) - Nipples, trackpads, trackballs are all great ways of controlling the pointer on your laptop, but they can't beat a mouse. So is Logitech's new V550 cordless mouse the answer? We get pointing to find out.

Basic is probably the best way to describe the Logitech V550. Not necessarily in its workings but in its design. A simple pebble shape, there are two main click buttons, a scroll wheel and a single programmable button.

With so many mice normally coming with a range of buttons it is both nice and surprising to see a device lacking in them. Compared to the Microsoft 7000, launched earlier in the year it is considerably lightweight.

The main button you will find yourself using is the scroll wheel and here the V550 offers forward, backward and side scrolling. Logitech, as with other mice in its range, has allowed two types of scrolling: fast and slow. Fast mode is where you disengage the scroll wheel from the gear mechanism to allow it to free wheel down the page. Why would you want this? Well it’s really handy for long web pages or Excel spreadsheets.

Personally using the same technology on my main mouse, the Logitech Revolution MX, it's a very handy and useful tool indeed and the implementation and experience here is the same: very good.

Of course, it is completely pointless if you don't scroll a lot but it's certainly worth bearing in mind if you do.

Get past the lack of buttons and the main focus is on the wireless capabilities and something Logitech is promoting as a docking system for home users. Describing a button that you stick to your computer as a docking system is probably overkill with the marketing men getting a little bit carried away.

The idea is that you stick this button on your laptop and then that button slots into the bottom of your mouse. Slotting the button in (see pictures) turns the mouse off and while simple, is effective.

Of course what's wrong with putting your mouse in a bag we aren't so sure.

Connection to your computer is probably one of the best things here. The dongle, like others we've seen before from Logitech and other manufacturers, is incredibly small, so small in fact that you could leave it in a spare port and forget about it. Those not happy to do that can use the docking port in the box, however this is so large in comparison you'll probably not bother.


So where does that leave us with the V550? Well it’s a simple mouse offering for laptop users, more in the home than on the go. The lack of buttons is actually appealing if you aren't a massive auxiliary button user and the scroll wheel is really effective.

The dock is something that as a home user you'll probably use more than you expected (a bit like that Belkin laptop bag for the home - don't ask), and the wireless connectivity and promise of a 15-month battery life from two AA's is good enough to impress.

Not mind blowing, but still good enough to recommend.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 26 August 2008.