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(Pocket-lint) - Taking the unofficial moniker of the Wii Mouse, the Logitech MX Air is a mouse that works both on the desk and in the air, but is it all gimmick or the next must have input device? We take a closer look.

Looking like a futuristic spaceship, the gloss black mouse with a silver underbelly will sit stylishly on your desk like any ordinary input device. The top is adored with numerous buttons and a surface that is just waiting to get grubby with your smudges.

Ambidextrous in its design the buttons are all on the top (there are none on the side whatsoever) and these include a touch sensitive scroll bar, a back button, select, play/pause and volume.

Like the LG Chocolate mobile phone, all the buttons light up glowing orange, but only when you touch them, however Logitech haven't gone as far as removing any existence of a button completely.

Flip it over and the underbelly reveals and on/off switch, a laser for the mouse when used on a desk and that's about it.

Connection to a PC or Mac (although it doesn't ship with Mac software) is via Logitech's now virtually standard 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle.

Where the MX Air comes into its own however, is when you lift it off the desk and star waving it around like the boy wizard himself.

The tech behind the mouse is called "Freespace" based on a combo of microelectromechanical systems, sensors, DSP technology and RF wireless tech so it knows where you are without the need for a sensor on your computer, TV screen or wherever you happen to be using it.

Using this tech, the Logitech MX Air lets you control functions with in-air hand gestures up to a range of 30 feet, similar to how the Wiimote works.

Moving on from just a straightforward input device you can also use the mouse and the accompanying software to change the volume on your computer. Press and holding the volume button and simply gesture to the right to increase volume, or to the left to decrease it is all it takes.

For music, a small circular motion to the right activates the skip track command, while a circle to the left repeats the song.

The end result is a mouse that is perfect for those having to presentations or the lazy sofa surfer who doesn't have a desk to hand.

In use and the mouse is very easy to use once you get to grips with it (it took us about 20 seconds) and we could easily see us using it around the office in place of our regular mouse - currently Logitech's MX Revolution.


The Logitech MX Air is an interesting twist on what we though was a staid product.

Logitech has managed to produce something that could have easily turned into a gimmick and made it work not only for the home, but also the office environment.

We love it!

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 26 July 2007.