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(Pocket-lint) - The Logitech NuLOOQ isn't a mouse, nor is it a keyboard, it’s an assistance device that promises to make your "Workflow" easier when using applications like Adobe's Photoshop or InDesign, but does it work, or is your mouse more than capable? We get clicking to find out.

Heavy and round (it weighs the same as half a bag of sugar), the NuLOOQ sits on your desk to be used by your hand that isn't on the mouse. Designed to work together with a mouse and keyboard, the NuLOOQ act as an extra controller for often-accessed controls and options.

There are two main parts to the hardware; a ring, which moves from side to side in a circular motion and a top panel that gives you even more controls. That top panel also includes a click wheel similar to Apple's iPod interface that is touch-sensitive, called the Tooltuner that can adjust tools like brushes and fonts.

The idea behind the hard to explain device is that you can use the navigation elements to zoom in and out of images, and scroll around pages without having to use your mouse. In total, it moves in six directions; left, right, up, down, and twist clockwise and counterclockwise.

Why? Logitech promises that it reduces the repetitive use of shortcut keys or palette access needed to navigate images and documents, or to adjust values such as brush size, font size, and even volume.

In practice and it takes some getting use to unless you are ambidextrous from the start but once you get the hang of it, it does help. The controls on the top of the unit add to the appeal and overall this is one for the heavy Photoshop or InDesign user rather than those who like to dabble.

More interesting and useful however is the NuLOOQ Tooldial that comes with the hardware. The dial is a piece of software that you can attach programs, files or commands to, and call them up at the press of a shortcut key set, mouse button, or using the NuLOOQ.

Activating the software brings up a small on screen dial directly where your mouse pointer is giving you the option to load up to eight programs or commands initially with support up to 72 shorcuts should you need it.

With a simple drag and drop interface you can add whatever program, file or command shortcuts you like and Photoshop users again can benefit from selecting common tools or folders with certain pictures in them.

To get you started the package comes with a number of shortcuts of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign from Adobe's Creative Suite 2 as well as some for the desktop. However where the application impresses the most is that you can make your own Tooldials very quickly and can have up to 10 different ones per application.


Not for the occasional user, the NuLOOQ is great for those who find themselves living and breathing one application all the time.

The idea behind the device is to save you time and hand movement by giving you all the shortcuts you need at the end of your mouse pointer rather than a toolbar on the other side of your desktop and it achieves that.

In our opinion, the software is the better of the two halves here and worth the investment over hardware. The software works with both PC and Mac.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 8 April 2007.