Laptops may be great when you're out and about, but at your desk they aren't the most ergonomically sound designed devices.

Hoping to correct this, Logitech has released the Logitech Alto, a laptop stand and keyboard in one.

The idea is that the adjustable stand places your notebook display at eye level while the full-sized keyboard lets you type faster and with less fatigue.

Unlike a traditional docking station the Alto's only connection offering is a USB cable meaning that it will fit virtually any laptop you can find.

The USB cable plugs into your laptop and the offers three USB2.0 sockets in the base in return so you can connect things that don't move off your desk like your printer or mouse without having to reconnect every time. Although power is taken from the laptop, Logitech do offer an additional power supply if you're looking to charge bigger more power hungry devices like webcams and external drives.

Being Logitech the virtually flat keyboard isn't just a standard 105-key affair and there are plenty of hot keys including shortcuts for music, search, volume and mail as well as the ability to lock the keyboard from use to stop pressing the keys if you are looking at some paperwork.

With no software or drivers to install set up is as simple as plugging it in and on the two laptops we tried - an Apple PowerBook and standard Windows PC, all functions of he keyboard worked perfectly from the word go. However because the PowerBook's front facing CD drive we were unable to use it when on the stand.

Price when reviewed:

Ergonomic suggestions recommend that you are not only arms length from your computer screen, but that that it should be at eye height. Clearly that's not going to happen without some intervention with your current laptop even if it is a 17 inch monster.

The Alto does kill two birds with one stone, by not only putting your screen in the right place but also giving you a decent keyboard to type on to boot.

Easy to use, this ticks all the boxes.

Top Marks.