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(Pocket-lint) - While the Mac doesn't have the monopoly on what keyboard or mouse you use with your Apple, the trouble is, is that most of the time you can't find a keyboard with the right keys.

Sure you can plug in one of those £8 cherry numbers but then either have to get the Tipex out and paint an Apple logo over the Windows one or simply live with it.

But let's face it - why would you want some black or beige number next to your shiny white machine?

In steps the Logitech S530 Mac designed, according to Logitech, specifically for Apple users.

The unit comprises of two elements, the keyboard and an optical mouse and both are wireless. The main crux of the unit is of course the keyboard. Here, like other keyboards in the Logitech range, it is covered with extra buttons along side the usual keys.

To the left are quick browsing keys, including shortcuts to mail and your internet browser (they can be programmed accordingly) and on the right is support for iTunes with media keys such as play, pause etc., and there are even volume controls for the lazy.

The keyboard itself is comfortable to write with and has a considerably flatter feel to it that the Apple branded keyboard normally shipped.

Additionally the Logitech unit also has a built-in wrist rest, which for those worried about RSI is a very useful feature.

So to the optical mouse. Again fans of Logitech will have no doubt seen the technology before. The right-handed unit is comfortable to hold and silver and white in colour will fit in with your computer better than that beige number.

Here you get volume controls, scroll wheel, two side buttons for use with expose or whatever you choose and of course left and right click.

Compared to Apple's Mighty Mouse the unit is certainly more comfortable to use as well as offering more options which, like the keyboard, are all programmeable.

Setup was easy, although you will have to install Logitech's software to get the most out of the buttons on both units and this tucks itself out of the way in system preferences.

The wireless range is good enough on both to not really be an issue and to be honest if you were any further away then you would have to have the point size beyond 20pt in Word to see what you were doing.

To recap

The Logitech keyboard is a very good edition to any Apple set up and will increase productivity for most users

Writing by Stuart Miles.