Wires are a pain aren't they? Logitech therefore has developed what it sees as a solution: wireless gaming peripherals. With the PC slowly but surely moving into the living room, Logitech is hoping that you will start playing more console-styled games. With this in mind it has produced a wireless gamepad to be used with the PC.

Styled on a PlayStation 2 controller, the unit is study and well made. Proportions are well-sized to fit into your hand and the finish offers plenty of grip. The controller itself offers D-pad, four buttons and two analogue sticks for controlling. On the top of the controller there are four shoulder buttons - again identical to a PS2 controller’s placing.

The gamepad is rumble enabled although in the test games we played it didn’t feel that rumbling. Software included in the box alongside the drivers included Gamespy and Roger Wilco for multiplayer gaming.


The key strength here is the wireless connectivity and like other Logitech wireless devices we have reviewed recently, the fact that it isn't infra-red and therefore doesn't require a direct line of sight is great news. What's the catch? Its recommended retail price is £30, which is a bit steep considering you can pick up a basic wired unit for under £5 these days.