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(Pocket-lint) - With keyboards becoming a second multimedia controller, Logitech has asked the question; Why can't mice do the same? Its answer is the Logitech Media Play Cordless Mouse.

The ambidextrous mouse is like most others on first glance. It is has two click buttons, a four-way scroll wheel and forward and backward buttons on the right hand side. The mouse is a combination of shinny plastic and rubber (for extra grip around the edges) and overall sits snugly in the plam of your hand.

Precision, as with most Logitech mice at the moment, is very good and this version is even cordless via a 2.4Ghz wireless dongle that connects to you PC or Mac via a USB socket. In the box is an additional USB cable so you can easily plug the wireless dongle in from on top of your desk rather than having to dive in around the back of the PC every time you want to remove it. So what's so exciting about all that then, I hear you ask?

After installing the accompanying Logitech software and pressing a button marked “media” just behind the scroll wheel, the unit turns into a remote control. The software supports Logitech's Media application as well as Microsoft's Windows Media Centre.

The controls offer the usual playback controls: forwards, backwards, volume up and down and play/pause. Pressing the button also activates a blue light within the device and everything starts glowing so you can see the controls more clearly. The backlight adds to the shine of the mouse and also means that you can see what you are doing if the lights are turned down low.

Something that will appeal is the range of the mouse: 3 metres. Even better is the wireless functionality because it means that unlike infra-red you don't have to be in a direct line of sight with the computer. According to Logtiech, the two AA batteries included should last you up to 6 months of constant use.


As a mouse the device performs admirably, but add the wireless remote control functionality and this mouse really shines. The main advantage here is not only the doubling up of the device with the mouse (saves on having a separate controller sitting on the shelf) but its wireless connectivity meaning you don't have to be in a direct line of sight for this to work.

If you're a Microsoft Media Center user or not the charm is still here. While this isn't a new discovery on the keyboard is it on the mouse and with one foul swoop this device allows you to be multimedia ready without upgrading your keyboard, and all at the click of a button.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 30 November 2004.