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(Pocket-lint) - Let’s face it - wires are a pain in the arse. Logitech have long since been a provider of the wireless desktop and there latest version - the Desktop MX for Bluetooth is no exception.

The MX for Bluetooth is identical in everyway to the Cordless version except for the addition of Bluetooth. For those not familiar with the cordless version the first main difference this version has over previous models is the introduction of a docking station for the mouse. This “mouse trap”, doubles us as a charging unit and immediately eradicates one of the previous problems - battery life. Logitech has also addressed this with the keyboard and although this side of things still relies on a couple of AA batteries, it is only a couple.

The right handed mouse is filled with buttons - almost too many - and this offers some nifty features like an Cruise up and down as well as Quick Switch. On the surface this all sounds groovy, but in practice will soon make your index finger ache as the new buttons are centred on the central scroll wheel.

As for the keyboard, the same goes for the button count here and the keyboard is a cornucopia of options. Function keys (all 12 of them) allow you to open, save and manage documents etc while the Quick keys access across the top of the keyboard offer a host of options - all of which can be changed to suit the user; E-mail, Messenger, webcam, Logitech’s iTouch service, search, search, Shopping, favourites and a My Home button.

If that wasn’t enough there is a multimedia panel on the keyboard as well to play CDs, adjust volume or simply mute the PC.


The main keyboard is well laid out and everything is where it should be making transfer to this unit easy and uncomplicated in the learning stakes, but the mouse’s extra features although good and useful end up hurting your fingers after too short a time. Logitech has perhaps gone over the top by trying to offer too much with this unit. Set up was surprisingly simple with the Bluetooth hub being able to be accesed via more than just the keyboard - handsfree kits, mobile phones, printers, pdas etc, and the lack of wires is a god send to anyone still relying on cables to connect there world, The transfer to Bluetooth is overall a good one yet the problems that existed on the cordless version are still ever present.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 9 December 2003.