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(Pocket-lint) - The Logitech Pocket Video 750 purports to be a handy digital video camera that you can put in your pocket and whip out when you need to capture that magical moment. It's a nice idea but in practice one that isn't quite right yet.

The main problem is the picture quality. To create a device that is aimed at the sub- £200 market, Logitech has taken its experience in webcams and put it into a portable recording device.

This is all very well and the unit itself isn't too badly designed, but with a VGA picture resolution of only 320 x240, as soon as you opt to play back your footage on your television you won't be smiling. Blocky, grainy and not receptive to light very well means this camcorder makes for a poor experience. Couple that with the camera's ability to only capture 20 out of a ideal 24 frames a second and the image is slightly jumpy as well.

Memory is also a problem for the player. Internal memory is enough to give you only 2 minutes of the MPEG4 video standard and while Logitech has countered this with a SD media slot you only get 32Mb in the box. The 32Mb gives you about seven minutes in fine quality (and remember fine isn't that fine) and 15 minutes at standard recording quality. Even if you can muster up enough spare cash for a 128Mb card (another £30 - £40) you'll only be able to store 30 minutes of footage at the highest setting.

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It's not all bad however and the unit has been designed to sit comfortably in the hand. The addition of a small flip out LCD display allows you to see what you are recording and a two digital zoom gives some room for play. The camcorder also has travel in mind and the unit has been designed to take AA batteries. Logitech has also included a charger and battery pack in the box. Power estimates are about two hours for continuous use and this is about right.


Think webcam that you can take out on the streets wherever you go and you wouldn't be far wrong- and that's the problem. The idea is here, but not the technology. By the time you have bought the Pocket Video 750 and a decent sized SD card you could have a good MiniDV camcorder from the likes of Sony and Panasonic for a hundred pounds more that will give you far better results.

If you are planning on making comedy videos for the web then the Pocket Video 750 would merely save you the hassle of having to downgrade the end result. Anything else and we just don't see the point. It's too early and too ahead of its time to make an impact.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 9 December 2003.