We wrote about this super svelte mouse being announced only a while back and now here we are touching and tapping it for real. In a rare treat the reality is even better than the pictures.

As you can imagine from a mouse of this size, it's light. But it's also strong and highly responsive, both to normal movements (which are smooth) and to touch controls. Whether using the PC version or the Mac model the two-finger controls are recognised equally as well as, if not better than, a touchscreen.

logitech ultrathin touch mouse gets a literal hands on image 3

The button for dual machine connectivity is as simple as you'd imagine and works just as easily. Ideal for tablet, laptop and desktop owners who jump between devices.

In the short term the mouse felt comfortable. But we'd imagine the flat design might leave your hand hankering for an arch after a few hours' use. But since it's made for portability we're not complaining.

Slim and light enough to sit in your pocket but accurate and comfortable enough for relatively long-term use. An ideal wireless mouse for £60, especially with that one-minute charge for one hour's use, and it's available for pre-oder now.