(Pocket-lint) - The LG M228WD is the company's latest monitor that promises a perfect picture for your desktop and in this case a built-in digital tuner so you can watch TV when you're not working. But does it work and do you really need it? We take a closer look.

Geared towards the entertainment enthusiast rather than the work horse in the office the LG M228WD sports a 22-inch screen, a glossy black frame, a design-conscious feel and plenty of buttons and ports around the back out of view.

As a device its measurements are 525.4mm(W) x 230mm(D) x 439mm(H) with the stand offering basic functionality rather than anything cutting edge. Tilting is fine, but don't expect much more and certainly don't expect to adjust the height, the orientation or the swivel pivot angle, it's just not going to happen.

The idea is that you get to work during the day and then at the press of a button (simply changing the source from PC to TV) you can watch television.

With an analogue and digital tuner built-in you've got access to around 30 channels if you're in a Freeview area while of course meaning you are ready for the digital switchover when it comes.

Not being a slouch in any way shape or form, the LG monitor offers a resolution of 1680 x 1050 or below, 300 nits brightness and 170 degree viewing angle.

The LG M228WD also has a Digital Fine Contrast ratio of 3000:1 and a response time of just 5m/s for those who get excited about those things.

Taking advantage of the high-def output the monitor comes with a HDMI connection for high-def entertainment sources and the overall quality of the monitor's performance is very good, with colour balance - while it's not as good as some monitors, even from LG - the company has clearly tried to find a balance between PC and TV performance here.

The TV performance isn't spectacular and we found in our tests that it really did vary on the source material, DVDs, high-def content and video games were fine, but watching EastEnders proved somewhat disappointing with the image at times struggling to cope. It's not helped by the high contrast levels, but you have to look at this in the context that it's both a TV and a monitor and therefore trying to do both jobs at the same time.

Other connections include D-Sub, PC Audio Input, RS232C, Component, SCART, plus audio in and out, however there is no Composite or S-Video in sockets and it's something that you should bear in mind if you're planning on connecting camcorders or games consoles to the monitor.


So what's the opinion? Well the MD228WD is a great monitor that we were sorry to see go from the office. It's bright, it's crisp and the performance is great for the price.

As for the TV, it's okay but not brilliant making this one of those devices that would be perfect for those short of space, but not looking to replace the goggle box.

But with prices online under £200 you won't go far wrong.

Writing by Stuart Miles.