(Pocket-lint) - Before CES even started, LG released details on a new version of its Gram laptop that has a massive 15.6-inch screen yet still weighs light as a feather.

It also has a greatly reduced bezel around the display, so is barely larger than a 14-inch device. In addition, it is less than a kilo (hence the name), weighing in at 980g.

That, we discovered, is because it has a plasticky feel. It's not cheap feeling, but not quite as premium as HP Spectre x360 for example. And most certainly not the Apple MacBook it is clearly inspired by.


Indeed, at a brief glance you could be forgiven for thinking it was a MacBook. The gold finish and black keys help achieve that effect.

It's also not quite as well spec'ed as a MacBook, we don't think (we haven't got full details to hand yet). It runs on a 6th Gen Intel Core processor, but didn't feel as smooth in operation as the Apple device.

Of course, at present you cannot buy an almost 16-inch version of the MacBook, and some people genuinely prefer Windows 10 to Apple's OS X. And if you are in the market for a larger screened device, that won't weigh you down as much as many competitors, this looks to be a decent option at this juncture.

We'll know more for sure when we get to test one in the coming weeks or months.

Writing by Rik Henderson.