LG has launched a range of new computers at CES 2013, among them, a slender all-in-one PC, an Ultrabook and a sliding laptop which can become a Windows 8 tablet. All seem to have gone for a white case - a pleasant change from all those silver and black boxes that make up the majority of Windows-based computers.

The all-in-one PC looks great. For those who still feel they want, or need, a desktop computer, it gives you a nice big screen, as well as the usual desktop features. There’s even room for an optical drive here with a clever design that incorporates some ports, including that optical drive and USB, into the foot of the screen for easy access.

The proper Ultrabook looks terrific too. Known as the Z360, it has a Full HD - 1080p - IPS screen. This means you’re going to get a beautiful high-resolution screen with fantastic viewing angles and impressive colours. Even on the LG stand this looks a class act. We’re pretty tired of the shoddy screens you get in some of these ultrabooks, so this is a bonus. There is a selection of processor options available too, from i3 up to i5 and i7. Also included are dual microSD slots, which is an interesting idea. At a little over 1kg, this should be quite a portable little laptop.

The Tab-book is a sort of Ultrabook/tablet hybrid. You get a Core i5 processor, a lovely 11.6-inch IPS display, and a keyboard that can slide behind the screen to give you a tablet PC. We like that the keyboard is quite good to type on, and although this isn’t as thin as a proper tablet, it’s still quite a portable little chap.

So, LG might not be the first name you think of when it comes to laptops and computers, but it’s certainly got an exciting range for 2013. Great design, and some interesting ideas - we’re looking forward to having a proper play with them all.