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(Pocket-lint) - Lenovo has updated its famously flexible Yoga laptop-cum-tablet with the Yoga 2 Pro sporting a resolution four times higher than its predecessor. And with four modes we had to go and get our hands on the malleable device.

A screen to be seen

This is, honestly, the best screen you'll get on a laptop - on paper. Unfortunately our time with it was hindered by no internet connection and no pre-loaded content. But the 3200 x 1800 resolution screen (that's near 4K) delivers stunningly well-defined edges and pin-sharp text.

The 350 nits of brightness is also clear, displaying stunning images in spite of harsh overhead lighting - it would likely do well even in daylight. Though how this level of resolution and brightness can last for the claimed 9-hour battery life is beyond us.

lenovo yoga 2 pro pictures and hands on image 5

Flexing fit

The Yoga 2 Pro can be twisted and flipped into four profile modes. It's easily done on a seemingly strong hinge. In tablet mode Lenovo design smarts is clear as the depressed keyboard deactivates allowing you to fumble the back without affecting your tablet experience. The stand and tent modes would be great for watching films or reading a recipe while cooking.

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lenovo yoga 2 pro pictures and hands on image 3

The backlit keyboard is well sized and typing feels responsive and durable. The light seemed a little weak - with no visible shortcut controls – but that may just be in this harsh light.

lenovo yoga 2 pro pictures and hands on image 13

Smart controls

While in tent mode gesture and voice controls worked surprisingly well in these loud, harshly lit conditions. Yoga Cameraman is an app that frames your photo on screen and after a voice command takes it for you. We were within a metre when doing this and it worked. But since it's probably more about group shots from a distance we'll be interested to see the range on that mic.

Gesture controls were also excellent. When in the Yoga Chef you can go through your recipes in big bold text that you can see while cooking and then swipe to the next page using a side swipe with your mucky hand. This worked every time, even at varied speeds. A genuinely useful control option that would be well recieved in many apps.


As an all in one device this is one of the most flexible we've seen. Not only has Lenovo crammed a stunning screen and powerful specs into a body 10 per cent slimmer than the last model - but it's done it with thought. Gesture and voice controls are the next logical step for a device that acts as a screen on a stand. We'd bend over backwards to get one of these.

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro will be on sale from October for €1,300 (£1,100).

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 5 September 2013.