(Pocket-lint) - Sitting in the business class of computers, the Twist offers a powerful Windows 8 laptop, with a twisting screen that allows it to become a tablet - albeit rather a chunky and functional-looking device.

While it lacks the funky Dell screen which flips over, we're fairly sure that the Twist has a more sturdy mechanism and will likely outlast the Dell. And that's important if this machine ends up in the hands of demanding business users, who travel a lot, but are expected by their IT departments to keep computers for as long as five years.


At the Windows 8 launch event, where we got to play with the Twist, the spec sheet read as having a 128GB SSD, and an Intel Core i7 processor. The machine itself had an i5 sticker on, but it's always hard to know from such a brief look if there will be a whole range, or if the i5 is just a prootype, or pre-production sample. However you look at it though, this is a powerful machine, and there's 8GB of RAM in there to keep things running.

We can't see the twist exciting normal consumers, but there are a fair few business users who will probably find it quite a useful machine.

Writing by Ian Morris.