Not only has Lenovo just released the shape-shifting IdeaPad Yoga range, the Chinese laptop giant has also pushed out a new tablet and keyboard combo, called the IdeaTab Lynx.

Touting one of the new dual-core Intel Atom mobile processors, it runs also runs the full Windows 8 experience, making it quite a persuasive device. Like the Android-based Transformer line of tablets by Asus, this is a product you can split in two, with a separate battery in both the tablet itself and in the keyboard. Lenovo tells us you will get 16 hours of battery from it when both are put together.


The screen on the Lynx is a 1366 x 768 IPS 11.6-inch panel, which looked very good up close. Almost as good in fact as the display on the much more expensive IdeaPad Yoga. 

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On the sides of the tablet are a micro USB slot, micro HDMI and a microSD card slot. The keyboard adds a pair of USB 2.0 ports. On the front is a 2-megapixel camera, completing the tablet package, along with all the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a pair of microphones.

The top of the Lynx has a sort of tactile matte effect that we particularly like. We also think its hinge system, while being fairly ugly, is one of the most robust and functional we have seen. A big plastic guide sits around the tablet, ensuring it's secure when slotted into the keyboard dock. 


The 11-inch tablet is very light when once the keyboard dock is removed: weighing 640g, it is also just 300.9 x 188 x 9.48mm in size. Add the keyboard dock and the whole thing weighs 1.3Kg.

As Windows 8 tablets go, this strikes us as a quite desirable bit of kit. We didn't have enough time to play with the tablet to see exactly how quick that Atom processor makes Windows 8 run. It certainly felt snappy, but don't expect speeds like the transforming Yoga that Lenovo has just announced.