(Pocket-lint) - With Ultrabooks and laptops that bend back on themselves among the tens that Lenovo chose to launch at CES 2012, it was easy to miss what appears to be the really good product that is the Lenovo IdeaPad S200.

Fashion and style is what the company claims it's all about but that's really a smokescreen for the fact that its aimed at the student or second laptop end of the market. The S200 represents the maturation of the netbooks and, at 11.6 inches on the diagonal across the screen with a full size keyboard, it really is where portable computing can stay comfortable beyond the quick half hour that the older 8.9-inch tinies used to offer.


Available starting from just £299, it's a dual-core Intel Atom machine but it does come with up to 32GB of SSD storage to make boot up as fast as it can possibly be in combination with Lenovo Quick Start - a technology that starts the computer in seconds with the most basic, critical apps on offer.

What was nice to see from our hands-on time at the Las Vegas tech binge was that, despite the low price, it still feels stylish and not a bit out of place next to all the Ultrabooks. The screen is at an HD resolution, it weighs 1.3kg and is only 20mm thick. Not too shabby.


On top of that, you get a slightly disappointing 0.3-megapixel webcam built in and just the 4 hours of battery time. Still, there is a choice of colours - Cotton-candy Pink, Crimson Red, Electric Blue, Graphite Grey and Pearl White. Tasty. Yours from June.

Writing by Dan Sung.