(Pocket-lint) - Along with the increased interest in notebooks generally, there has been a steady growth in the mobile peripheral market. There is no better example of this than in the notebook stand, as we’ve seen some interesting examples of late.

The Laptable is unlike anything else we’ve seen – rather than plastic, it’s a decidedly low-tech approach to construction, as it’s made from wood. As such, it isn’t intended for mobile use: it’s heavy, solid and reassuringly well-built.

The stand has foldaway legs that you pull to open and like an old school desk it has a hinged wooden lid. However, instead of opening like a desk, it can be pitched at an angle to rest your notebook on.

Next to this angled piece, you’ll find a flat surface intended for your mouse, which is a nice touch as this is the first stand we’ve seen that offers this. It means you can use the stand in a variety of places, including when sat in bed without feeling compromised for space.

Less impressive is the attached cup holder, which pulls out from the side but if you are indeed using the stand in bed, won’t support your cup.

There are a variety of sizes available to suit all makes of machine and at £49 (inc. VAT) the price is highly comparable with mass-produced stands.


If you like the idea of having something that looks a little old-fashioned to support your high-tech notebook, the Laptable is about as old-fashioned as it gets. Don’t get us wrong, we liked it we just don’t see it having mass appeal.

Writing by Mike Browne.