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(Pocket-lint) - Wireless networks at home are starting to become a reality as the cost of both broadband and the wireless routers come down in price. However what good is it having the ability to sit in your garden and enjoy the sun when you've got to then connect your PC to your printer via a cable when you want to print something? HP's answer to this is the HP PSC 2510, an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax machine that will connect to your wireless network and allow you to print to it as long as you are within the range of the network.

The unit itself like most of the all-in-one units is a compact affair tight on the footprint and the space that it uses in the office. On top are sits flatbed scanner, and control panel for the copier. One of the nicer features the machine offers and one gives in the edge over the Canon mp390 for example is the addition of a memory card reader that supports Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SD/MMC and Olympus and Fujifilm's xD Picture card format. Because of the built-in memory card reader, the copiers colour control screen allows you to view the images on a memory card before choosing which one you want to print. This is a great help and saves you having to try and remember what image number the one you want to print is before taking it out of the camera.

The memory card reader also serves as a connection to the PC and allows you to transfer images over to your PC or Mac, as well as giving you a number of different printing options such as borderless printing, choice of paper size and image size. For the indecisive you can also print a proof index page, which prints thumbnails of the pictures on the card before you opt to print full scale.

In the box is software for both PC and Mac and installation on both was simple and easy. For those not yet connected to a wireless network you can opt for a USB connection and rather cheaply on behalf of HP, a USB isn't included in the box. While the printer is sold as a wireless solution is wouldn't have hurt to include all the cables for all the possible solutions in the box.

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Printing results varied depending on what we test printed. Results were vivid and bright with good reproduction of colours. In addition to that printing was fast both printing in colour at the photo quality setting and black document text. In the box came a black ink and colour ink cartridge although the printer was capable of taking HP's black and white printer cartridges for black and white photos.


Although like the Canon MP390 the scanner lacks a document feeder and transparency option in the box, it does feature a memory card reader and more importantly the wireless functionality making this an ideal unit to hide in the cupboard upstairs while your laptop is being used in lounge. While we all strive for the paperless office, we still want to hold something tangible. This unit allows that to happen without the need to have the printer on display, taking up desk space.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 12 May 2004.