(Pocket-lint) - At CES 2017 - the world's largest technology show - there were a lot of top-notch laptops on display. And one of the most notable was the HP EliteBook x360: the world's thinnest 13-inch convertible laptop.

Now that's particularly relevant, given that Dell also just announced its XPS 13 2-in-1 model. Which, so we thought at first sight, was the convertible king of the show. But HP doesn't half give it a run for its money. It's not quite as small, but it's stunning to look at - something we rarely say of laptops.

HP has been through something of a renaissance of late, focusing on class-leading style. Just look at the new sharp logo (like, literally, it looks like you could prick a finger on that thing). Ok, so it might date badly in the coming years, but right now it's Bladerunner cool in our eyes.


The HP EliteBook x360's sub-15mm slimness obviously defines its style - but without compromising on its power potential. Just like its Dell 2-in-1 rival the latest Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors are on offer, along with hefty amounts of RAM and storage.

Specs are, in a sense, by the by though. The reason to give the HP a look is for a variety of other reasons: its obvious good looks (as we've pointed out); that it's designed to pass MIL-STD4 (a US military standard, so it's basically a hard bastard); and, for business types, comes fully equipped with a suite of security software.

On the ports front, the EliteBook x360 offers both current and future standards. Given that slender frame we're pleased as punch that it's managed to squeeze in two full-size USB 3.0 ports, plus one smaller Type-C, an HDMI and microSD slot. There's even a SIM slot for 4G LTE use when on the go.


The screen doesn't have bezel quite as trim as its Dell competitor, but with resolution up to 4K Ultra-HD it's not missing a trick here. There's also a rather excellent "Privacy Mode" at the press of a button, which limits view from adjacent angles so neighbouring flight/train/public transport users can't see what you're doing. It's highly effective.

It's thin with all the win. As convertible laptops go, this business-personal crossover has everything we could want... well, except for a full-size SD card slot. But we have to find something negative to say. And that's all we can muster.

Writing by Mike Lowe.