(Pocket-lint) - The HP Spectra x2 is, after an initial bout of scrutiny, a gorgeous device. It will need a lot more testing before we can tell exactly what it's capable of, but it's both an impressive tablet and a decent laptop to boot.

HP includes the keyboard with the Spectre x2, something that's usually an optional extra with rival devices, and its specifications list owes more to the Spectre x360 laptop than a tablet. Indeed, with Microsoft also announcing its own upgraded Surface Pro 4 this week, this is a category that is exploding right now.

The screen size is 12-inches and starts at Full HD (1920 x 1080) in resolution. There is a stainless steel kickstand built into the rear that can be adjustable so it can be placed in a comfortable position.


Its stand is also designed to leave enough room for a larger battery, which is claimed to last for up to 10 hours. And as it is just 8mm thick, it feels nice in just tablet mode too, even with the larger screen size than most conventional slates.

Connection wise, as well as 4G LTE wireless internet, the Spectre x2 has two USB 3.0 Type-C ports, both with the capability to charge. There's also a Type-C to Type-A adaptor in the box for those who need to connect normal USB peripherals and memory sticks to the tablet unit.

There are two cameras, one on the front that offers 5-megapixels for shooting and videocalls, but it is the rear that has the most wow factor. It is an Intel RealSense camera that can also map the surroundings in 3D so can be used with augmented reality applications, such as placing furniture in your living room to see what it would look like.


Like on the new version of the Spectre x360, the speaker system is by Bang & Olufsen, with speakers on both the tablet and the keyboard.

The Spectre x2 also comes with a Wacom-made HP Active Stylus, that is extremely sensitive, as we found out. And we're impressed with the keyboard, which feels similar to the excellent version on the x360 yet can be detached.

The device should be available from November. It starts at 1,099 euros, but can be specified with faster processor and more oomph for more.

It certainly gives the recently announced Surface Pro 4 a run for its money, especially as the x2 is actually cheaper.

Writing by Rik Henderson.