(Pocket-lint) - HP has unveiled a new version of its recent success story, the Spectre x360, that has been reworked thanks to the company’s ongoing partnership with Bang & Olufsen.

Not only does it now adopt the B&O logo (even though it has been revealed that the speakers are the same as before), but there’s a new copper and ash colour scheme, which has been created through a double dip anodisation process. And it is upgraded on the inside too, with Intel 6th generation (Skylake) processors.

Since the original x360 released earlier this year it has been updated to Windows 10 so that’s naturally on-board from the off on the new model.

Apart from those key differences, it is the same size – 13.3-inches – as the original and still feels wonderful to use, as we discovered when we reviewed the first x360 a few months ago.


It is comparatively light at 1.4kg considering that it has an all-round metal build. And like the conventional Spectre x360, it has a hinged design so the touchscreen can be folded back on itself. That gives the ability to display details on screen to others or even use it as a tablet.

The latter isn’t that practical for long periods, so it cannot be seen as a tablet replacement, but it’s great for quickly jotting down notes.

Because it is a limited edition version, made mainly to celebrate Bang & Olufsen’s 90th anniversary, we suspect these will fly off shelves, especially as they start at 999 euros and include the new, faster processors.


That price gets you an Intel Core i5, Full HD display, 128GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. It can also be specified with a Quad HD display, but all versions come with three USB 3.0 ports and up to 12 hours of battery life.

We’ve been fans of the Spectre x360 for a while and love the new colour. It will be interesting to get the new version with the 6th gen Intel processor into the Pocket-lint test labs, but on initial impressions it feels very Apple and MacBook. And that’s no bad thing.

Writing by Rik Henderson.