(Pocket-lint) - There's a lot of good to say about the way HP's latest range of laptops and PCs look, and the HP Spectre One all-in-one PC is no exception.

At HP's Connected Music launch all the latest HP models were on display to have a tinker with, and the Spectre One was the standout model that grabbed our attention and drew us in.


First visual impressions did make our minds drift away to another well-known manufacturer for a moment. The Apple iMac is guilty of many things, isn't it? Not only has this powerhouse adorned the desks of many pros, it's inspired other manufacturers to take note of design.

Even though HP's been making PCs for decades, it's starting to pay greater attention to modern-day design. Besides, every artist seeks inspiration, right? Though we did think much the same about the HP Spectre XP laptop's design too...

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The Spectre One's tiltable screen sits forward, projected away from its grey/silver-colour stand on a flexed giraffe-neck-like extension. The adjustable position means it can tilt forward by five degrees or "upwards" by up to 20 degrees for the optimum angle.


Although whichever direction it faces this 23.6-inch screen can't help but dominate your vision, and in the dimly lit room we saw the machine in the 1080p WLED display sure did deliver plenty of punch. It's bright, detailed and looked top quality.


Anyone that's seen Windows 8 will be familiar with its bright, colourful screens. It looks striking and modern and, at least usually, would be there for touch-enabled use. But here's where the Spectre One differs: it isn't touch-enabled. Thank the powers that be! Who wants greasy fingerprints on such a luscious screen? Just because Windows 8 is touch-capable doesn't mean that it should be used in this manner, so we were pleased to use the machine with its included peripherals.


The Spectre One comes complete with a mouse, keyboard and separate trackpad. The keyboard is rather small and feels light and plasticky; its grey finish also doesn't have the high quality finish of the main machine's body. Much the same can be said about the accompanying peripherals really, although we like the ability to separate them into a comfortable working arrangement - it makes the whole desktop experience feel that much more customised.


The Intel Core i5 model will deliver 2.9GHz of speed, while 4GB DDR3 RAM, a dedicated 1GB NVIDIA GeForce 610M graphics card and 64-bit OS combine for plenty of power. We weren't able to put all that power through its paces beyond browsing at this stage, but don't doubt that there's enough grunt there to handle pro software, games and all your day-to-day work.

The HP Spectre One will retail for £1,200 upon launch this very month.

Writing by Mike Lowe.