(Pocket-lint) - Move over 4K, Dell has unveiled its UltraSharp 27 Monitor, the world's first individual panel with a 5K resolution.

That means a whopping 5120 x 2880 pixels across its 27-inch surface which is seven times the pixel density of a 1080p monitor or TV. 

It's not the first time we've seen a 5K panel at this scale, though, as that accolade goes to Apple with its rather lovely 27-inch iMac. But the Mac is an all-in-one solution, whereas Dell's monitor can be deployed along with a variety of solutions, assuming you have the core power to feed it. 

We got to see the UltraSharp running Windows 10 and the high-resolution images on display were super crisp. It can deliver 99 per cent of the Adobe RGB colour gamut, so video and photo enthusiasts will be foaming at the mouth for the precision colour accuracy. 


Design-wise the monitor appears to float from a single plinth which protrudes from a silver-colour base, and wires can be fed through to keep things neat and tidy. There's an SD socket to the left side and physical on/off and volume controls to the opposite right to handle the integrated Harman Kardon audio.

However, whereas Apple's floating screen has an metal finish that tapers towards its edges, the Dell is a simpler solution with plastic rear. We'd like to see it a bit slimmer, although specific dimensions haven't been disclosed at this stage.
But what makes best sense about the Dell UltraSharp 27 Monitor (codename UP2715K) is its price point, which promises to be under £1400 when released this December.

Writing by Mike Lowe.